March 25, 2020

Patents Required to List on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s

Patents Required to List on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Science & Technology Board

On March 20, 2020, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (similar to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S.) released the Science and Technology Attribute Evaluation Guidelines (Trial) stating requirements to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Science & Technology Board. Among other requirements, applicants to list must have Chinese invention patents.To get more latest Shanghai news, you can visit shine news official website.

To list on the Science & Technology Board (in addition to other requirements to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange), applicants must:

(1) Spend more than 5% of its operating income in each of the last three years on research and development (R&D), or the cumulative R & D spend in the last three years must exceed 60 million yuan (about $8.5 million USD);

(2) Own more than 5 invention patents that are responsible for the main income of the applicant; and

(3) The compound growth rate of operating income in the last three years has reached 20%, or the amount of operating income in the most recent year has reached 300 million yuan (about $42 million USD).

If an applicant cannot meed the above requirements, then the applicant can still list by meeting one of the following requirements:

(1) The core technology owned by the applicant has been recognized by a national competent authority as having international leadership, leading role, or significant significance for national strategy;

(2) The applicant, subsidiary or employee won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, and applied the relevant technology to the company’s main business;

(3) The applicant independently or takes the lead in undertaking a”National Major Science and Technology Project” related to the main business and core technology;

(4) The main products (services) made by the applicant rely on core technologies belong to key equipment, key products, key parts and components, and key materials encouraged, supported and promoted by the state, and have achieved import substitution; or

(5) Owns more than 50 invention patents (including defensive patents) that form the core technology of the applicant and generates the main business income.

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Coronavirus treatment: How many people have recovered from coronavirus?

Coronavirus treatment: How many people have recovered from coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS has now infected more than 5,000 people in the UK, killed thousands around the world and infected a total of more than 200,000 patients. But how many people have recovered from coronavirus?To get more news about coronavirus photographies, you can visit shine news official website.

Coronavirus has sparked worldwide panic after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global health emergency. The virus peaked in February but evidence now suggests China could be overcoming the epidemic.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for China's National Health Commission, said at a recent briefing: "The rapid rising trend of virus cases in Wuhan has been controlled," according to Reuters.

"Outbreaks in Hubei outside of Wuhan are curbed and provinces outside of Hubei are showing a positive trend.”Despite what seems to be a spiralling rate of infections, the symptoms of coronavirus are reasonably mild.

Dr Nasia Safdar told NBC News: "For most people, this will be the course. It will be like a cold.”Dr Helen Wimalarathna, Lecturer in Health Sciences at the Open University, explained that while the virus has infected more people in comparison to SARS and MERS, the virus also looks less likely to cause fatalities.

She added: "The evidence so far suggests that COVID-19 is spread more easily than either SARS or MERS, but that the consequences of infection are less serious – so for most fit and healthy individuals a COVID-19 infection is likely to be something like a heavy cold.

"For a small proportion of infected individuals, somewhere between one percent and three percent of those with a confirmed case of the disease, the disease can be fatal.

"To put this into context, the case fatality of SARS and MERS were roughly 11 percent and 43 percent, respectively; while the case fatality of measles is around 15 percent.”More than half of coronavirus patients worldwide have become better, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering live tracker.

The tracker shows that of the 354,677 confirmed cases around the globe, 15,436 have died while 100,462 recovered.That’s 28 percent of all patients having recovered, leaving 238,779 - or 67 percent - still sick.

That also means only 4.3 percent of patients have died from the virus.A report from Harvard University read: "Treatment is supportive, which means giving fluids, medicine to reduce fever, and, in severe cases, supplemental oxygen.

"People who become critically ill from COVID-19 may need a respirator to help them breathe.""Bacterial infection can complicate this viral infection. Patients may require antibiotics in cases of bacterial pneumonia as well as COVID-19.

"Antiviral treatments used for HIV and other compounds are being investigated."There’s no evidence that supplements, such as vitamin C, or probiotics will help speed recovery.”

However, the signs suggest many people may have had mild cases of the virus and recovered without special treatment.Compared to SARS and MERS, the risk of serious illness or death is significantly lower.

The report added: "In terms of total deaths in the United States, influenza overwhelmingly causes more deaths today than COVID-19.”

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Trump Says Coronavirus Cure Cannot ‘Be Worse Than the Problem Itself’

Trump Says Coronavirus Cure Cannot ‘Be Worse Than the Problem Itself’

President Trump on Sunday night said that the government would reassess the recommended period for keeping businesses shut and millions of workers at home after this week, amid millions of job losses caused by the efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.To get more news about coronavirus preventation, you can visit shine news official website.


Officials have said that the initial 15-day period for social distancing — limiting close contact between people by banning gatherings, closing schools and offices, encouraging remote work and urging people to maintain a six-foot distance from one another — is vital to slowing the spread of the virus, for which more than 30,000 people in the United States have tested positive. The 15-day period would end Monday.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious diseases expert and a member of the White House coronavirus task force, has said in interviews that he believed that it would take several more weeks until people can start going about their lives in a more normal fashion. Other infectious disease experts suggest even harsher measures than social distancing are required to truly beat back the outbreaks in the United States.
But at the White House, in recent days, there has been a growing sentiment that medical experts were allowed to set policy that has hurt the economy, and there has been a push to find ways to let people start returning to work. Some Republican lawmakers have also pleaded with the White House to find ways to restart the economy, as financial markets continue to slide and job losses for April could be in the millions.

Vice President Mike Pence indicated on Sunday at a White House briefing about the virus that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would issue new guidelines on Monday, allowing some people who have been exposed to the coronavirus to resume working outside their homes if they wear masks.

The move could set the stage for states with relatively low numbers of cases to begin to unfreeze their economies, while large states like California and New York — where there are more cases and where state officials have ordered nonessential businesses to close for the time being — could continue remaining in a holding pattern.
While some business owners are eager to end the more draconian measures that have been put in place, others would rather endure the pain at once rather than face repeated, disruptive orders to stop activities.
Mr. Trump’s tweet cast doubt on his confidence in the path to fighting the virus that he so reluctantly approved. For two months he largely dismissed the warnings that the virus would reach American shores, for fear of causing economic disruption, predicting that cases would go down from a handful to "zero” in a few days.

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March 20, 2020



Magnetic devices are available to buy on eBay that can allow shoplifters to easily remove security tags from stolen products.To get more news about eas tag, you can visit estar-eassystem news official website.

Shoplifting is reportedly on the rise in England and Wales, with the number of incidents increasing by 11 per cent from 2016 to 2017 as stated by the Office for National Statistics.

While there are plenty of measures put in place to prevent thieves from successfully stealing from shops, there are products available online that can allow shoplifters to remove security tags from stolen goods.On eBay, there are a variety of tag removers available to purchase, with prices ranging from as little as £4.09 to £49.99.

One tag detacher priced at £4.09 has been described as being made from "first-class aluminium alloy material” and "can remove all kinds of hard tags easily.”

Upon further inspection, eBay isn’t the only online retailer where its users are selling magnetic tools that can be used to remove security tags.

There are also similar products on offer on Amazon that have been reviewed by consumers.Works well for all your shoplifting needs,” one person wrote in a comment that was removed by Amazon after being highlighted by The Independent.

"Why would anyone buy one of these unless it was for the purpose of stealing goods another individual remarked.

When "security tag removal” is searched on YouTube, the website generates more than 29,000 results with tutorials showing how to remove security tags using an array of tools such as magnets and forks.

One video titled "How to Beat a Walmart Security Tag”, which was uploaded a year ago, currently has 8.8 million views.

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Edible 'security tag' to protect drugs from counterfeit

Edible 'security tag' to protect drugs from counterfeit

Purdue University researchers are aiming to stump counterfeiters with an edible "security tag" embedded into medicine. To imitate the drug, a counterfeiter would have to uncrack a complicated puzzle of patterns not fully visible to the naked eye.To get more news about security tag, you can visit estar-eassystem news official website.

Fake medicine is a thriving business, making up at least 10% of global pharmaceutical commerce while also claiming thousands of lives each year.

In the U.S., counterfeit drugs range from cancer and diabetes treatment to erectile dysfunction medication. Counterfeit opioids have caused deaths in 46 states.

Tagging drugs would not only guard against fakery, but also help pharmacies better verify the legitimacy of a drug before selling to consumers.

"Every single tag is unique, offering a much higher level of security," said Young Kim, an associate professor in Purdue's Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.

The tag acts as a digital fingerprint for each drug capsule or tablet, using an authentication technique called "physical unclonable functions," or PUF, that was originally developed for information and hardware security.

PUFs have the ability to generate a different response each time that they are stimulated, rendering them unpredictable and extremely difficult to duplicate. Even the manufacturer wouldn't be able to re-create an identical PUF tag.

Kim's group is the first to create an edible PUF -- a thin, transparent film made of silk proteins and fluorescent proteins genetically fused together. Because the tag is easily digestible and made entirely of proteins, it can be consumed as part of a pill or tablet.

Shining various LED light sources on the tag excites the fluorescent silk microparticles, causing them to generate a different random pattern each time. The microparticles emit cyan, green, yellow or red fluorescent colors.

Digital bits can then be extracted from an image of those patterns to produce a security key, which a pharmacy or patient would use to confirm that a drug is authentic.

The researchers are currently converting this process to a smartphone app for both pharmacies and consumers.

"Our concept is to use a smartphone to shine an LED light on the tag and take a picture of it. The app then identifies if the medicine is genuine or fake," said Jung Woo Leem, a postdoctoral associate in biomedical engineering at Purdue.

The tag also has the potential to hold much more information than simply a confirmation of what the drug is, Leem said, such as the dose and expiration date.

Leem found that the tag works for at least a two-month period without the proteins degrading. Next, the team will need to confirm that the tag could last as long as a drug does and that it doesn't affect a medicine's key ingredients or potency.

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Hamburg Inn owner recounts time in Shanghai quarantine

Hamburg Inn owner recounts time in Shanghai quarantine

The Hamburg Inn's owner welcomed his fourth grandchild into the world over FaceTime this week. To get more news about shanghai 14 days quarantine, you can visit shine news official website.

Michael (Tzai Tao) Lee would have liked to meet the infant in person in Taiwan, the way he did for his first three grandchildren, but instead greeted the newborn from a self-imposed quarantine at his Shanghai home.

Lee has spent the last few weeks in isolation, one of millions taking the precaution to avoid the coronavirus outbreak in China.

"I have had no visitors, no people to talk to, for almost 20-25 days," Lee told the Press-Citizen over FaceTime in what was his Thursday morning. "This virus is very, very dangerous, let me assure you. It's more dangerous than SARS."

The coronavirus is sometimes compared with the SARS epidemic that spread through China in the early aughts. To date, more than 2,000 people in China have died after contracting coronavirus; which is more deaths than were recorded during the entire SARS epidemic.

Echoing public health officials elsewhere, a local expert at the UIHC says U.S. residents are not at risk of contracting the virus unless they have a fever or cough and they have traveled to China in the last 14 days or been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus. Iowa Department of Public Health has not identified any cases of coronavirus in the state.The disease is largely concentrated in China. Millions in the country are under government-ordered quarantine or, in Lee's case, voluntary quarantine.

Lee took in the operating assumption of medical professionals, that the coronavirus is spread by airborne droplets, and decided in January to avoid as much contact with other people as possible. "I'm not going to go to the department store. I'm not going to go to restaurants. I'm not going to any places," Lee said. "I don't even play badminton right now. It's very dangerous. Isolation and self-quarantine is best."

Lee wore a Hamburg Inn polo during the FaceTime interview, and drank coffee out of a personalized mug touting the logo of his alma mater, the University of Iowa. He hasn't left his home in weeks. Now instead of badminton, Lee gets in his doctor-recommended 10,000 steps per day by pacing around his home.

He orders food sometimes and mostly cooks from home. The entrepreneur passes time by reading news reports, watching television and pouring his restless energy into his business overseas. He's optimistic his quarantine will end in a matter of weeks, encouraged by news reports of factories re-opening and farmers starting to prepare for the growing season.

"I assure you one thing: I think, the great majority of cities, places in China are going to be over in about a month," he said. He points to some reasons to be concerned, namely Hubei, the province where the outbreak was first identified. But ultimately he thinks the Chinese government has been careful with traffic controls and quarantine efforts.

Beyond this reasoning, Lee is also simply optimistic for the sake of hopeful thinking. "I have to be very optimistic because if I'm not optimistic, I'm not going to Iowa City to create a new Hamburg Inn," he said.

Lee recently closed his east side location, in part to free up cash for a new soon-to-be-opened Coralville location, and in part because the location did not get enough foot traffic. The Coralville opening, expected to open in late spring or early summer, is likely to be delayed by at least a month while he waits out the outbreak.

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San Antonio native living in Shanghai describes quarantine measures being taken in China

We’re now getting a clearer picture of what kind of conditions these evacuees are leaving behind in China.A Texas man who has been living in China for the past 10 months says quarantine conditions have expanded across most of the country.To get more news about quarantine shanghai airport, you can visit shine news official website.

"We had heard just like a rumor basically,” said Billy Stockton, who is living in Shanghai. "It escalated quickly.»He’s now working on his master’s degree in international economics at Johns Hopkins.

‘The 21st [of January] we started noticing there was a little more concern,” said Stockton.Stockton moved to China in April of last year and now lives in Shanghai while continuing his studies.

«Two days later we started seeing places shut down in the city,» said Stockton.The outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China has slowed everything down.

According to Google Maps. Wuhan is about a nine-hour drive from Shanghai. That’s like driving from San Antonio to New Orleans.»I have friends that are from here and they’ve grown up here and they’ve never seen it as quiet as it was,» said Stockton.

Stockton says the country’s largest city, home to more than 24 million people, has become a virtual ghost town.»You don’t go outdoors unless you have to,” said Stockton. "It was kind of scary and ominous.»

Stockton says cabin fever is starting to set in a little, but the return of normal routines is slowly coming back.»We’re all actually on the edge of our seats and just I wouldn’t say scared as much as we’re just a little nervous,” said Stockton.

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Coronavirus: China orders travellers quarantined amid outbreak

Travellers from the virus hotspots of South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy arriving in the capital will have to be isolated, a Beijing official has said.To get more news about shanghai quarantine, you can visit shine news official website.
Shanghai and Guangdong announced similar restrictions earlier.
Authorities are worried the virus might be imported back into the country.
Although most virus deaths have been in China, Monday saw nine times more new infections outside China than in.
Shanghai said it would require new arrivals from countries with «relatively serious virus conditions» to be isolated, without naming the countries.Authorities are also asking overseas Chinese to reconsider travel plans.
«For the sake of your family’s health and safety, please strengthen your precautions, carefully decide on your travel plans and minimise mobility,» officials in one southern Chinese province said.
China reported 125 new virus cases on Tuesday – the lowest number of new daily infections in six weeks. There were also 31 more deaths – all in Hubei province, where the virus emerged.There are now more than 92,000 cases worldwide in about 70 countries, although the vast majority – about 87% – remain in China, and most of those are in Hubei province where the virus originated late last year.
Of the roughly 12,000 cases outside mainland China, 81% are in four countries – Iran, South Korea, Italy and Japan.One of the countries worst affected outside China – Italy – said on Monday that the death toll there had risen by 18 to 52. There are 2,036 confirmed cases, most of them in the Lombardy and Veneto areas of the north. About 150 people are said to have recovered.
However, the country is seeing a slowdown in new cases. On Monday, the authorities said there were 258 new cases of the virus – a 16% increase on the previous day – after new cases spiked by 50% on Sunday.
On Tuesday, Iran said the latest death toll from the virus was 77 – although the real figure is believed to be much higher. More than 2,300 people are said to be infected, including senior political figures. The head of Iran’s emergency medical services, Pirhossein Kolivand, was one of them, the Ilna news agency reported on Tuesday.
Some 23 MPs are also reported to have tested positive for the virus, and an official close to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was reported on Monday to have died of the disease.
Health officials in the US state of Washington said on Monday that four more people had died, bringing the total there to six. They are the only deaths in the US so far. Local officials say they are buying a hotel to convert it into an isolation hospital.

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