June 23, 2020

OctaFX Is Frequently Complained by Investors for Irregularities

Recently, the broker OctaFX has become the target of frustrated investors. Many of them reported the broker to WikiFX after suffering varying degrees of losses due to OctaFX’s manipulations. WikiFX recorded one of the victim’s experience of being scammed to remind other investors to avoid choosing this broker.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  Event recap

  The complainant noticed the irregularities of OctaFXs platform on April 14th. When he woke up in the morning to check the trading results, he found that the platform did not execute his limit order at all when the market situation had been obviously in his favor. He immediately sent an email to the platform about the matter and reset the price of the limit order, but the platform did not responded.

  Later, he traded EUR/USD and GBP/USD on the platform, but the market was rising. The investor continued to send emails to the platform, hoping that the platform would execute his orders at the limit level he set, so he could keep all his positions, but again the email was not answered.
The complainant then tried to contact the online customer service of the platform for several times, and each time they offered a different expected waiting period for complainant’s request, ranging from 1-3 days to 10 working days. The complainant sent dozens of emails within four working days, but none of them was answered.

  In addition to this complainant, several investors also reported varying degrees of losses due to irregularities of OctaFX’s platform.  According to WikiFX App, OctaFX is currently in valid regulation holding MM license issued by ASIC. However, despite a 7.0 rating on WikiFX App, OctaFX has been frequently complained by customer recently, and investors should be very careful in choosing this broker.WikiFX has recently received several exposure cases against OctaFX. If you have a similar experience with the broker, you can expose the broker to WikiFX and seek assistance for recovering the funds and defending your rights. It’s also recommended to withdraw your trading account balance in time to avoid further losses.

  To date, WikiFX App has included more than 17,000 brokers profiles, while offering comprehensive features including Forums, Wiki Fair, and Exposure. Stay tuned for more exciting contents.

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WikiFX Visited Forex Broker BOGO in Cyprus

In order to better protect investors’ assets during the epidemic, WikiFX continues our on-spot survey to bring you the most reliable reports about global brokers. Recently, upon investors’ requests, WikiFX visited the forex broker BOGO in Cyprus.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Following the regulatory address and navigation, we arrived at Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus. There, we found the office building Yiota Court at 134 Archiepiskopou Makariou Street. The office environment here looked very nice, with clear signs outside and inside the building. After entering the building, we quickly found the office of BOGO by following the directory sign. We rang the door bell and waited for a while at the BOGO reception desk, before a representative of the marketing department came to greet us. After we explained our intentions, this gentleman showed us around the office. The office was relatively spacious, with about seven or eight people working inside.
  Through the visit, we conclude that the office location of BOGO in Cyprus truly exists and that the broker is normally in business. Per checking WikiFX App, the broker’s score reached 6.54, while its CySEC MM license is under normal regulation. In addition, BOGO’s new brand FXJET is also subject to CySEC supervision, with a score of 6.51 on the WikiFX App.
  So far, WikiFX App has included profiles of more than 17,000 forex brokers around the world, while integrating broker information query, exposure, news feed and other functions. The App is highly popular among professional investors. Click here to download. bit.ly/wikifx

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Pandemic Revealed the True Color of Indian Financial Giant

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to hinder India‘s growth, the domestic financial market also suffers a heavy blow from the lockdown measures. For India’s financial giant Indiabulls, theres no sign of alleviation for their struggle in 2020.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  Not long ago, news went around India‘s financial circle that Indiabulls’ subsidiary Indiabulls Ventures was investigated by SEBI, while its senior officials were dismissed.  While the event is still brewing, another of Indiabulls‘ subsidiary, Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited, infuriated the public by deducting loans from clients’ accounts despite Modi administrations moratorium policy on loans.Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited which contributes approximately 80% of Indiabulls Group‘s revenue is not only India’s second largest housing finance company, but also one of India’s shadow banking giants. It is estimated that one-fifth of India’s new credit, from buying a car or paying for education to developing luxurious properties, is from shadow banking, and the sectors growth remain key to India’s rapid economic growth in the past. However, shadow banking is an unorthodox lending channel after all, and the frequent collapse of lending institutions also triggered concerns among Indian investors and analysts.

  Indiabulls Housing Finance borrowers also face huge risks. Since late September, 2019, the company’s share price has fallen by nearly 50% due to financing difficulties. In addition, global credit rating agency Moody’s has downgraded Indiabulls and expressed concern about the company’s governance standards and financing sustainability.
  Do layoffs and unauthorized charges of Indiabulls Group imply the company is facing serious financial crisis? Is the subsidiary Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited in risk of collapsing? How should investors keep their money safe? Stay tuned for follow-up reports brought to you by WikiFX. For more financial information and brokers dynamics, please check WikiFX App.

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List of 25 oil companies most at risk of debt default

While energy markets are starting to stabilize, the pandemic-fueled collapse in demand continues to hammer the oil and gas industry.Hundreds of bankruptcies are on the horizon, according to the research firm Rystad Energy. Whiting Petroleum and Diamond Offshore Drilling are the latest two companies to file. The rating agency Fitch shared data with Business Insider on the top 25 "bonds of concern” in the energy industry, amounting to almost $30 billion in outstanding debt.California Resources Corp. and Unit Corp. are the most likely companies to file for bankruptcy protection on the list, a Fitch analyst said.Visit Markets Insider to view the latest on oil prices.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  One year from now, the US energy industry might be hard to recognize."What you’re seeing is a rapid shrinkage of the industry,” said Adam Waterous, the former head of energy and power for North America at Scotiabank.There will be a handful of mergers, loads of debt-for-equity swaps, and plenty of bankruptcies in the wake of low oil prices, said Waterous, who now runs the investment firm Waterous Energy Fund. If the price of US crude remains at or below $20 a barrel — where it spent much of the last few weeks — Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases could reach 140 this year and increase to almost 400 in 2021, according to an analysis by Rystad Energy, published in March.

  Click here to subscribe to Power Line, Business Insider’s weekly clean-energy newsletter.And for some companies, it’s no longer a hypothetical.Whiting Petroleum and Diamond Offshore Drilling have already filed for bankruptcy, while Chesapeake Energy and Unit Corp. are preparing to potentially follow suit, according to reports from Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. Chesapeake Energy and Unit Corp. didn’t respond to requests for comment.
The oil and gas exploration and production company Chesapeake Energy is preparing a potential bankruptcy filing, according to Reuters. Here, one of the company’s natural gas well pads in Litchfield Township, Pennsylvania.

  Brett Carlsen/Reuters

  Energy companies make up half of Fitch’s ‘top bonds of concern’In an April report, Fitch Ratings found that defaults by energy companies are expected to exceed $30 billion this year.More remarkably, energy firms account for nearly half of Fitch’s April list of "top bonds of concern” — which includes the companies most likely to default.Fitch updates the list regularly based on things like ratings, market information, and input from the firm’s analysts, according to Eric Rosenthal, senior director of leveraged finance at Fitch.

  Energy bonds were "especially impacted by the decline in crude oil prices,” Rosenthal said in April. "Timing will play a key role,” he added. It’s possible that the "2020 rate could top the prior record depending on crude oil prices.” Three companies are most likely to fileRosenthal said California Resources, Unit Corp., and Ultra Petroleum are most likely to file for bankruptcy, whereas a handful of others will do a distressed debt exchange, which Fitch considers a default for rating purposes.In a debt exchange, creditors typically offer a company more favorable terms, rather than risk getting wiped out in bankruptcy.

  "The vast majority of the names on the list will file rather than do exchanges,” Rosenthal said. In late March, the Los Angeles Times reported that California Resources is considering bankruptcy after "efforts to rework its debt out of court fell short amid a crash in energy prices,” citing people familiar with the matter. Colorado-based Ultra Petroleum is preparing to seek Chapter 11 protection, for the second time since 2016, as is Oklahoma-based Unit Corp., the Wall Street Journal reported.California Resources and Ultra Petroleum did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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WikiFX Visited Forex Broker Hantec in Australia

Regulatory information shows that Hantec’s Australian office is located at Citigroup Centre Level 18, 2-26 Park Street SYDNEY NSW 2000.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  Located on Park Street 2-26, the 47-storey high-rise building of Citigroup Centre is one of the best landmark office buildings in Sydney CBD, which is why we looked forward to visiting it so much.

  We arrived at the office building, and after completing the visitor registration at the front desk, took the elevator to the 18th floor.

  The floor map outside the elevator suggested that our destination was indeed here. To our surprise, the building also hosts offices of many other well-known companies such as Saxo.

  Following the directions of the sign, we soon found the office of Hantec. Having such a large office in an CBD business complex had indicated the company’s impressive strength and capacity. We conclude that the office of Hantec in Australia truly exists.Hantec was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. It is a multinational enterprise specializing in providing financial services. In 2008, the Group underwent a major business reorganization, focusing more on forex-related services and products.

  The broker holds forex brokerage license granted by multiple regulators, while its Australian division holds an MM license granted by ASIC.  According to WikiFX App, broker Hantec is currently in valid regulation. The broker holds forex brokerage license granted by regulators in Australia, UK and other countries. Hantec is among the top-ranking brokers with a score of 9.07 on WikiFX App, boasting high credibility. Risk warning: the brokers Vanuatu license is in offshore regulation.

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Where can I buy fake University of Bristol diploma?

If you want to order fake degree certificates online from the University of Bristol, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in making forged certificates and selling forged diploma certificates, so you can buy a Bristol University diploma with confidence. buy diplomas. In the UK’s "engineering kingdom”, the Bristol Institute of engineering has five researchers from the Royal Institute of Engineering (National Institute of Engineering) and six world leading research centers. The research partners of the school of engineering include Rolls Royce, HP, Toshiba, British Aviation Administration. Glaxo Wellcome, Pfizer and Dyson; the earliest aviation industry in the UK was also founded in Bristol in 1910. Drama and film direction: time drama ranks first in the UK. The university has the first drama media center in the UK. Every year, applicants for drama courses flock to it and have long-term cooperation with the BBC.To get more news about where to buy a fake passport, you can visit 45degreesdesign news official website.

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INTI International University fake diploma

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June 15, 2020

Crude Oil Rally Hindered by Gap Resistance, OPEC+ Meeting in Limbo

Doubts remain whether today‘s OPEC+ meeting will take place, with no official confirmation one way or another to guide traders. The meeting was originally set for June 9-10 but talk surfaced late-May that the meeting could be forward to today to announce an extension of April’s production cuts. The 9.7 million barrel per day production cut runs out at the end of June and market talk is that OPEC+ members may extend these cuts for another month to help balance faltering demand.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Crude oil has rebounded sharply off its late-April low with little in the way of any consolidation. A series of lower highs highlight the recent positive sentiment in the space and recent price action has taken crude to the bottom of a gap on the daily chart made between March 6 and March 11 this year. Followers of gap trading normally look for any gap to be filled as there is little in the way of support or resistance to slow the move. The daily chart shows the gap between $36.59/bbl. and $41.94/bbl. and the lower level continues to temper a full re-trace of this gap. The CCI indicator shows the oil market in overbought territory and there needs to be a positive fundamental driver to push oil higher through this resistance to faciltate further gains. If OPEC+ cuts are extended, and the market retains its overall risk-on sentiment, then a break through $41.19/bbl. would set up the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at $43.36/bbl. as the next target ahead of the 200-dma, currently at $44.79/bbl.

Traders may be interested in two of our trading guides – Traits of Successful Traders and Top Trading Lessons – while technical analysts are likely to be interested in our latest Elliott Wave Guide.
  What is your view on Crude Oil – bullish or bearish? You can let us know via the form at the end of this piece or via Twitter @nickcawley1.

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AUD, APAC Stocks May Trim Gains. Is Bullish Sentiment Fading?

Wall Street ended the day mostly in red, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices closing 0.34 and 0.69 percent down, respectively. Crude oil prices ended the day modestly higher though gold and bond prices fell. Foreign exchange markets showed a somewhat mixed picture. The anti-risk Japanese Yen was down against its G10 counterparts along with the Canadian and US Dollars while SEK and NOK relaxed in the green.To get more news about AXNFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  US jobs data soured sentiment and temporarily pushed the anti-risk US Dollar higher against its counterparts. Initial jobless claims came in higher than expected at 1877k, over 40k more than the 1833k estimate. The prior number was also revised to show a 3k increase from 2123k to 2126k. These statistics sent a chilling reminder to buoyant investors that the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have yet to be fully revealed.
  The Euro soared for an eighth consecutive day, resulting in its longest winning streak since 2011 following the ECB rate decision. Monetary authorities surprised markets after they announced an unexpectedly-large increase to its emergency purchasing program known as the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP) by 600 billion euros.
  EUR/USD closed almost one-percent higher and is at its highest point since March. Investors likely cheered the central banks efforts to support growth, boosting equities and sinking USD. The extra stimulus also pushed sovereign bond yields lower on debt issued by economically distressed states like Italy that were hit particularly hard by Covid-19 and helped lift the Euro.
  Fridays Asia-Pacific Trading Session
  With a bare data docket ahead, foreign exchange markets will likely place their focus on macro-fundamental risks. Asia may inherit the mixed dynamics of Wall Street which could see AUD and NZD trim some of their gains along with emerging market FX. Fading market optimism may result in a pullback from an impressive rally in sentiment-linked assets and could push the anti-risk Japanese Yen and US Dollar higher.
  AUD/JPY Analysis
  Since mid-late March, AUD/JPY has surged over 20 percent after bottoming out at an 11-year low at 66.046. The pair is now at the lower tier of a key inflection range between 75.925 and 76.320. If AUD/JPY is able to clear it with follow-through, this could lead to a retest of former support-turned-resistance at 77.736. However, if the pair is unable to clear 79.925, capitulation could inspire additional sellers to enter the market.

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Trading Opportunities in EUR/USD and EUR/JPY

Trading variety recommended today is: EUR/USD (up: 7 days, overnight change: 0.56%, fluctuation: 0.81%)
  The correlation coefficient of EUR/USD and EUR/JPY reaches 0.97 during this period, and below are some trading tips for investors.To get more news about Binomo, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  u Hedging: when buying one 1 standard lot of long/short position EUR/USD, hedge with 1 standard lot of EUR/JPY in the opposite direction.
  u Portfolio diversification: When investing in EUR/USD, avoid the high-correlation varieties and invest in other forex varieties less relevant to EUR/USD.
  u Risk distribution: when buying one 1 standard lot of long/short position EUR/USD, couple with 1 standard lot of EUR/JPY in the same direction.
  u Today’s special reminder for investors: Eurozone service industry PMI final reading will be released at 16:00, Eurozone’s April monthly retail sales at 17:00, and the main refinancing rate of the European Central Bank to June 4 released at 19:45.
  From WikiFX, a world-renowned forex trading inquiry service provider. For more information, please download:
WikiFX News (5 June)-The European Central Bank released the latest monetary policy decision yesterday, and EUR/USD rose significantly while the ECB Chair Lagarde was still speaking.
  ECB Commissions latest decisions include increasing the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) by 600 billion euros to 1.35 trillion euros. Net purchase under this programme will be extended to at least the end of June, 2021. The principal payments from maturing securities under the scheme will continue to be reinvested until at least the end of 2022.
  The ECBs projection for EUR/USD rate is 1.09 in 2020 and 1.08 in 2021-2022.
  EUR/USD shortly spiked 67 pips after the decisions were released and then slightly dropped back. Later it grew again during Lagardes speech at the press conference.
  From WikiFX, a world-renowned forex trading inquiry service provider. For more information, please download:

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Sterling Is Still in the ICU

Of course, we continue to pay attention to the second round of EU-UK trade negotiations that began today, but on the eve of the negotiations, the EU s chief negotiator Barnier warned Britain that should it fails to comply with its commitments, there may be a no-deal Brexit. Therefore, the financial market remains extremely worried that failing to reach a relevant agreement by the two parties will result in a Brexit without a trade agreement when the transition period is over at the end of the year. Of course, the pound may rebound if there is a dramatic turnaround, but the outlook is still pessimistic.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
Regardless of whether the UK and the EU have reached an agreement in trade negotiations, the new coronavirus has caused the worst economic blow to the UK in 100 years. Therefore, forex traders generally believe that the Bank of England will implement negative interest rates in the future to stimulate the economy.
  In order to support the weak economy, the British fiscal deficit and even the overall debt have deteriorated seriously. At present, the overall borrowings of the United Kingdom exceeds US$ 2.5 trillion, the highest annual deficit since World War II. The related deficits and debts have skyrocketed, which only add to the already huge burden of Britain with little reserves. Therefore, it is generally predicted that the British government will increase taxes in the future with few options at hand, which will hit the economy even more.
  Affected by the above situations, the implied volatility of the three-month pound sterling is higher than the forex volatility index, while the net short position of the pound has continued to rise, both reflecting the continued pessimism of the forex market towards the pound.
  The dollar will fall in the short term due to domestic turmoil, and if the European-British negotiations really see a dramatic turnaround, it’s likely that the GBP/USD will rise from the previous 1.2650 and then fall back to the 1.1960 level. Judging from the overall trend, I think there is still a chance for the pair to retest the low of 1.1400 in the second half of the year.
  [About The Author]
  Since 1987, Jasper Lo has been engaged in the financial industry (forex, futures and gold) for more than 32 years and holds forex R.O., securities and futures broker licenses. Mr Lo is an expert in trading forex, precious metals and commodity futures and an basic and technical analyst.
  Over the years, Mr Lo won many individual and team sales champion awards, as well as outstanding employee awards. He was invited, as a guest mentor, to the University of Hong Kong, Guangdong Ocean University and Guangzhou Jinan University. And he was also appointed as the chief training consultant by Hantang Securities and Dongguan Securities in China.

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Benefits of Getting A US Permanent Resident Card

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Stanley Ho Children Battling Over Billionaire’s Casino Empire

Ho, 97-years-old, has been married to four different women who have birthed 17 of his children. Fifteen are still alive, and some of them are jockeying for power of SJM Holdings, the casino group Ho founded in 1962.To get more news about stanley ho daughter, you can visit shine news official website.
Pansy has made a fortune in her own right – along with operating a Hong Kong shipping and ferry business, she was responsible for forming MGM China with the late billionaire Kirk Kerkorian.

The Straits Times says Pansy’s goal is to ensure stability in the wake of her father’s departure. She also wants to prevent Angela Leong, Ho’s fourth wife, from taking control. SJM is valued at $6 billion.
SJM Holdings lost its monopoly on commercial gambling in Macau soon after Portugal returned the enclave to the People’s Republic in 1999.

The only place in China where casinos are permitted, Macau today has six licensed operators. Along with SJM, Las Vegas Sands, MGM, Wynn, Melco, and Galaxy Entertainment operate gaming floors.

SJM and MGM Resorts will see their licenses expire in 2020. The four others are scheduled to terminate two years later.Melco Resorts was founded by Ho’s ninth child Lawrence. The 42-year-old originally founded the organization as Melco Crown Entertainment with fellow billionaire James Packer.

Lawrence severed his relationship with the Australian casino giant after Chinese authorities arrested numerous Crown Resorts employees on "gambling crimes.” Ho would later state that Crown was "deliberately spitting” on Chinese law.Ho’s career began in the importing and exporting business. He allegedly smuggled food and luxury goods into China from Macau to initially create his fortune. In 1962, he convinced the Macau government to grant him a license to operate casinos. He was Macau’s only permitted gambling operator for the next 40 years.

SJM has continued to see its market share shrink over the last 15 years. As multibillion-dollar integrated resorts spread across Macau and the Cotai Strip, Ho failed to follow suit. Only now is the company building in Cotai – more than a decade after Sands opened The Venetian.

Today, SJM Holdings controls about 15 percent of Macau’s gaming industry. Eight years ago, the company held a 31 percent stake.

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Following Luckin Coffee scandal, Nasdaq ready to tighten rules on IPO listings

Chinese stocks have seen the highest highs and the lowest lows in recent weeks. While the country suffered the first economic shocks of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China’s aggressive containment strategy has allowed the country to reopen in recent weeks, sending stocks at least temporarily to multi-year highs.To get more news about luckin coffee share price, you can visit shine news official website.

Yet, those bold numbers aren’t always what they seem. Multiple scandals in recent weeks have raised serious questions about the state of Chinese accounting practices, and whether stock exchanges are doing enough to protect investors from fraud and scandal.

The most notable story the past few weeks has been the fall of Luckin Coffee, which announced that it may have overstated sales by hundreds of millions of dollars. The company has since fired its CEO and COO, and has declined in value on Nasdaq by nearly 91% from its mid-January peak. The company in a filing with the SEC said that it delayed releasing its financials due to COVID-19 (as well as, just maybe, the fraud investigation as well).

A quieter scandal has been a similar accounting irregularity at TAL Education Group, a China-based tutoring company traded on NYSE. And then overnight, Muddy Waters, the same research firm that first brought potential fraud at Luckin Coffee to light, released a new report on GSX Techedu indicating potential fraud, accusations which were denied by the education company. In its report, Muddy Waters claims that almost 70% of GSX’s students are "bots” and the company is wildly overstating its financials.

In new filings with the SEC, Nasdaq proposed amending its ruled to allow for tighter listing standards for companies based in a jurisdiction "that has secrecy laws, blocking statutes, national security laws, or other laws or regulations restricting access to information by regulators of U.S. listed companies.” While the rules would apply equally to all countries with information restrictions, context clearly points at China as being the biggest target. The new rules would require greater financial minimums and accountability standards to qualify for listing.

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Why Luckin Coffee Stock Is Falling Today

Shares of Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) declined on Thursday after a key rival warned of heavy losses in the coming quarters. As of 11:33 a.m. EDT today, Luckin’s stock was down more than 15%. To get more news about luckin coffee china, you can visit shine news official website.

It’s been a rough few months for Luckin and its long-term investors. After the Chinese coffeehouse chain disclosed on April 2 that it had fabricated as much as $310 million in sales from the second quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter, its stock plummeted. In the weeks that followed, Luckin’s CEO and chief operating officer vacated their positions due to their alleged involvement in the scandal, and the company’s chairman will reportedly face criminal charges in China for his role in the fraud. Today, Luckin’s stock price is down roughly 85% from the level it traded at before news of the accounting scandal broke.

But shares are actually up approximately 170% from the lows they reached in May. Some investors are betting that the company will eventually recover from these incidents and that its business still holds value.
Unfortunately, recent announcements by Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) throw that investment thesis into question. Starbucks said on Wednesday that it expects to suffer a sales decline of as much as $3.2 billion in its fiscal third quarter due to the impact of COVID-19. While much of those losses will occur in its core U.S. market, Starbucks projects its same-store sales in China to fall as much as 20% in fiscal 2020.

Although Starbucks said that it expects its comps to "substantially recover” by the end of the fourth quarter, Luckin is in a far weaker financial position and may not be as able to ride out the coronavirus storm. It was already unprofitable before the pandemic, and its financials will likely look a lot worse after we know the full extent of its accounting shenanigans. Starbucks’ warnings come at a terrible time for Luckin and could signal that more pain lies ahead for its investors.

Are you interested in buying Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) stock? If so, you might want to reconsider that investment. The controversial Chinese coffee shop has seen its share price fall by around 94% year to date because of massive accounting fraud that saw the company fake up to $310 million worth of sales transactions in 2019. The scandal has sent Luckin’s market cap from $12.7 billion in January to around $590 million in early June, and the stock now trades at around $2.50 per share, which is less than 1/10th its earlier valuation.

While that price might look cheap to some investors, it isn’t. Here are three reasons why Luckin Coffee stock could fall even further.

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June 08, 2020

The stock market's recent surge makes sense if you actually look at the US economy

A number of stories have emerged pointing out a supposed disconnect between "Main Street” — the US economy which is being hit by the pandemic — and Wall Street — which has seen stocks rally.But there are signs that the US economy has already bottomed and activity is starting to come back.And since equities are forward looking, the gradual recovery of the stock market actually makes sense.Does that mean things in the economy are good? Of course not. But stocks tend to get better before the economy is "good.”Neil Dutta is head of economics at Renaissance Macro Research.This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.To get more news about NAVER, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  With the stock market rallying sharply off its March 23 low, the usual cries have started: stocks are missing the economic reality, they're whistling by the graveyard, they're completely divorced from economic fundamentals.In the last week: the Economist claims "A dangerous gap has opened between America's stock market and the real economy.” Noted economic pundit Mohamed El-Erian argued that the "Market keeps distancing itself from the economy.” But that is not so surprising early on. Admittedly, current economic conditions are poor. Economic output has cratered, leaving widespread joblessness in its wake. But this does not necessarily mean equity prices should be substantially lower than they are now. The US equity market is not about whether economic conditions are good or bad. Rather, what matters is whether conditions are improving or getting worse.
  Today, the evidence is mounting that economic conditions, while far from good, are starting to improve. This is why stocks are up.Hitting the bottomGenerally speaking, economic conditions can be thought of in two ways: momentum and level of activity. The momentum in the economy represents how quickly conditions are changing in relation to the past while level of activity in the economy measures how far conditions are from their historical averages.For instance, the US can add thousands of jobs — that shows positive momentum — while the unemployment rate — the level — remains well above its historically average. Momentum needs to be positive in order for the level of activity to improve. Consider the period following the 2009 recession. It took many years for the level of economic activity to return to potential, as the chart below demonstrates. Even as potential growth repeatedly got revised down, the level of growth hit potential sometime in 2017. Still, this period was an especially good one for stock prices even if for many, it "didn't feel like” a recovery.
Today, the evidence is mounting that the level of activity has bottomed – that is, conditions are not getting any worse – and the momentum in the economy has picked up somewhat.
  Motor gasoline demand bottomed for the week ending April 10 and has been climbing, retracing about one-third of its decline since mid-March. Mortgage purchase applications also bottomed for the week ending April 10, similarly recouping about 40 percent of its plunge since mid-March. Passenger screenings at our nation's airports are also on the mend. The count is now about double the April 14 low, but still 93% off its year-ago level. Notice that the timing of this improvement precedes the formal lifting of shelter-in-place orders for nearly all states. Thus, it stands to reason that there is room for at least some improvement once formal lockdowns end.Of course, there are risks to the outlook. Double-dips in the economy are usually about policy choices. Almost always, double-dips are about policy choices after a recovery starts.For example, in 1982, the economy saw a deep recession after a brief recovery because the Federal Reserve tightened interest rates to take on inflation. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, the policy choice would be to shut parts of the economy down if the virus spread gets worse.

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Well-known Hedge Funds Increased Bullish Bets on Gold

Several hedge fund giants have raised their bullish bets on gold, according to Wall Street source.To get more news about Shi Jin Investment, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  These include Elliott Management led by Paul Singer, Caxton Associates managed by Andrew Law and Dymon Asia Capital founded by Danny Yong.
  According to latest Commitment of Traders report released by the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission(CFTC) on May 1st, as of the week ending on April 28th, speculative net longs increased by 13,158 to 262,729 contracts, signaling a growing bullish bet on gold. Speculators are betting that a new round of monetary easing and fiscal stimulus to tackle coronavirus epidemic around the globe will lead to currency depreciation and benefit gold.
  US Treasury estimates that net volume of US T-Bond in circulation in Q2, 2020 will increase by US$3 trillion, which creates a new quarterly record. Analysts observed that measures taken by major global economies in the name of fighting the pandemic are essentially printing money without limit, and in such case gold makes an ideal save-haven asset against depreciating currencies.
  Alex Mashinsky, chief executive of Celsius Network, said the massive monetary easing policies by central banks would boost the performance of safe-haven gold, while the rest of the gains could be driven by low interest rates and disruptions to gold mining.

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UK Holds Benchmark Interest Rate at 0.1%

Bank of England recently announced the latest interest rate decision as the 9 members of Monetary Policy Committee(MPC) agreed unanimously to hold benchmark interest rate at 0.1%.To get more news about TurboForex, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  MPC also voted by a majority of 7:2 to keep bond purchase volume at 6,450 pounds, which was in line with market expectation.The 2 policymakers proposed to add another 100 billion pounds to the current bond purchase scheme.
  BOC noted that buying bond with the present speed will make the government reach the upper-limit of the purchase scheme by July.
  It‘s estimated that the pandemic will cause a swift decline of British economy which is expected to be temporary, and the economy will slowly revive afterwards.BOC expected Britain’s GDP to shrink 25% in 2020s second quarter, but up by 15% in the whole year of 2021.
  Bank of Englands Governor Bailey expects that the impact of the epidemic on economic demand will continue for about a year after lifting the lockdown restrictions. From previous experience,increasing QE is a negative factor for the pound, because issuing more pounds will lead to depreciation of the currency.

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The Four Forex Seasons-Tony Camilleri

Did you know that there is 4 seasons to the forex market. New traders are often caught out attempting to trade the same strategy throughout the year, often giving back their hard work during the winter and summer doldrums seasons.To get more news about AAFT GLOBAL, you can visit wikifx news official website.
The daily turnover reached $6.6trillionin April 2019. That is a massive amount of turnover in anybodys language.
  However, did you know that the retail market is only 5.5%of that total turnover.
  As retail traders, we are at the mercy of the other 95% of the marketplace, hence our behaviour needs to reflect the institutions.
  A Spring in your step for January.
  As the Christmas and New year periods end. The traders return to their desks and the volume increases during mid January. A good time to trade.
  Sell in May and go away – avoid the sun burn.
  The summer holidays have arrived in the northern hemisphere, where the majority of traders are situated. Volume decreases and the market can be quite flat. Moves can be quite unpredictable as the moves are more impulsive based. This is a more difficult time of year to trade.
  Its Labor Day..time to get busy
  Around the time of Labor day in September, market activity increases as everyone is back at work from their summer holidays. This is a great time to trade. This period continues on till mid December.
  Christmas Time – time to relax
  Another very quiet period is the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday time. Between mid December and mid January, volume again decreases, making it more difficult for traders. Beware of some quick impulses caused by a few high volume traders.

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Countries where intergenerational income mobility is better than US

The American Dream might be more obtainable in several countries outside the US. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released a report in 2018 where it took an in-depth look at social mobility across countries.One of the report’s findings was the varying number of generations it would take someone born in a low-income family to reach the country’s average income; for the US, it would take about five generations.That was a longer time than several other wealthy countries.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.The American Dream of your children being more successful than you are might be more attainable in other parts of the world than in the US.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development figured out how long it would take low-income families to get to their country’s average income, based on intergenerational income elasticity. That is, it measured how much children’s’ incomes depended on their parents’ incomes. On average among the 30 countries studied by the OECD, it will take four to five generations of children from a low-income family — families part of the bottom 10% of income distribution — to reach the average income in their country, according to the OECD’s report on social mobility in 2018. The US is on par with that average, taking five generations for someone born into a low-income family to reach the nation’s average income. One of the findings from the OECD’s report is that social mobility for earnings, education, and occupation is high in most Nordic countries. In many of those countries, it would take fewer generations for a low-income family to reach their country’s average income.These statistics are similar to findings in a 2018 report on economic mobility from the World Bank, which found that there are lots of high-income countries where the American Dream is more attainable than in the US.
  Income inequality plays an important factor in intergenerational income mobility. The report said low-income families in low-inequality and high-mobility countries would take almost four generations to reach the average income. In contrast, high-inequality and low-mobility countries, which are typically emerging economies, take at least nine generations — double the average of countries part of the OECD.Interestingly, no countries had both high inequality and high mobility. This correlation between inequality and mobility has been noted as the "Great Gatsby Curve”, and it shows another pernicious effect of inequality.The following chart shows all the countries included in the report and their intergenerational income mobility.
Business Insider/Madison Hoff, data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  Here are the 12 countries in the OECD study where it would take fewer generations for someone born in a low-income family to reach their country’s average income than someone born into a low-income family in the US to reach the nation’s average income, ranked from the shortest to the longest length of time.
  The most recent available data for the Gini coefficient, a standard measure of income inequality in a country, is used to separate ties in the ranking, where 0 equals complete equality and 1 equals complete inequality. Figures come from the OECD, and represent years between 2014 and 2017.

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