October 18, 2018

Water treatment agent ATMP amino trimethylene phosphonic acid practical Xiangjie

Water treatment agent ATMP amino trimethylene phosphonic acid practical Xiangjie ATMP is composed of ammonium chloride, formaldehyde and trichlorophosphorous step synthesis.atmp phosphonate ATMP has a stable C-P (Tan Lin) key, is one of the most common organic acids in the pharmaceutical. ATMP has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion effect, has been test in calcium hardness in water containing 95mg/L, adding 1mg/L ATMP, at a temperature of 85 degrees, can be kept for 24 hours without precipitation.

 According to the test data comparison, ATMP is one of the methylene phosphonic acid on calcium carbonate inhibition effect best several agents, so ATMP on the inhibition of calcium carbonate for special applications. ATMP inhibitor used alone concentration less than 10mg/l, the ATMP inhibitor used alone was more than 100mg/l; ATMP with low molecular weight inhibitor combined with concentration of less than 5mg/l. Dosage (active component) is generally 1-20mg/l. If more than this range, formed in a certain range but to scale. Usually industrial use in order to better play its role and interaction scale, poly carboxylic acid. ATMP is also used to thermal power plant, practicing oil refinery circulating cooling water, oil field reinjection water system, because of ATMP to copper and copper alloy has a corrosive effect, so the use of ATMP scale inhibition agent, should pay attention to the material circulation system, should be added to azole copper corrosion inhibitor, and combination of conventional EDTA and NTA chelating agents achieve synergy economy effect.
 ATMP is with zinc salt complex Wu, can obviously improve the carbon steel corrosion resistance, the optimum zinc content in the formulation of 30-60%, due to the formation of zinc and their complexes, zinc solubilization stability, thus adding zinc salt of scale inhibition agent on water quality is not sensitive to the change, the effect is more ideal.

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